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Durante i miei studi universitari, ho trascorso in Cina diversi mesi, a Pechino e a Shanghai, tra il 2010 e il 2013. Nel corso dei miei soggiorni, ho avuto modo di compiere numerosi viaggi in varie aree del Paese, tutte molto diverse e distanti tra loro. Quando mi chiedono che cosa mi ha più colpito dei miei viaggi, ho l’imbarazzo della scelta: il cibo delizioso? I panorami incredibili? Gli sguardi curiosi e cordiali dei cinesi che ti accompagnano ovunque? Sicuramente tutto questo e anche di più, ma se dovessi scegliere un elemento distintivo e peculiare di ogni mio viaggio, opterei per i treni cinesi....   leggi tutto

During the last Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), held in 2015 in Johannesburg, the Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged to provide a $60 billion funding for development projects in Africa over the following three years. The announcement was not unexpected. Since the FOCAC process began in 2000, with a summit held every three years, Chinese leaders have been constantly increasing the amount of loans and financial aid offered to African countries. According to figures cited at the Wharton Africa Business Forum held in autumn 2015, China’s investment in the continent has skyrocketed in recent years, increasing from $7 billion in 2008 to $26 billion in 2013. Xi claims that China aims to build a win-win relationship with Africa, by developing infrastructure, improving agriculture and reducing poverty in the continent....   leggi tutto

The subject of Prohibitionism in the United States has a retro flavour, it reminds us of wooden counters, thick velvet curtains and moonshine. It is hard to imagine living in such a situation today, but even if the atmosphere in the US has since changed, there is still a great number of officially banned items around the world, some of which are at first glance less threatening than alcohol…...   leggi tutto

Da anni al centro delle attenzioni internazionali, come modello delle possibilità d’intervento sull’incremento demografico, soprattutto per via delle numerose politiche di controllo nascite, la Cina continua a vantare il primato di stato più popoloso al mondo, con oltre 1,385 miliardi di abitanti. Distribuita sul vastissimo territorio nazionale, la densità degli abitanti non sfiorerebbe nemmeno quella di gran parte dei paesi europei; ma la maggior parte della popolazione cinese si concentra in 21 aree urbane....   leggi tutto

Over the past few months a number of news outlets have claimed that the social network Twitter is dead, mainly due to the platform’s struggle to gain new members and make profits. Whether this is true or not – commentators have declared Twitter deceased pretty much every year since 2009 – what is certain is that another Twitter-like social media is definitely on the rise in China: Sina Weibo. With 222 million monthly active users in 2015 – 33% more compared to the same period the previous year – Weibo, as it’s commonly known, is one of the most successful and influential microblogging services in the Middle Kingdom....   leggi tutto

Hop off the bus, take pictures, hop back on the bus, sleep in a hotel – repeat. That’s how millions of Chinese tourists spend their holidays every year. We’re all aware of the (quite accurate, in fact) stereotype of Chinese groups getting off a bus, cameras in their hands as they visit famous tourist destinations across Europe ready to shoot. However, this cliché may be about to end....   leggi tutto

As we Italians are well aware of, soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia, you name it: each continent has plenty of countries that go crazy for this game. No wonder every 4 years the World Cup competition becomes an international affair that almost nobody can resist. However, not every country is so fond of it or, even when they are, some are equally passionate about other traditional sports. That’s why, right in the middle of the European championship that gets huge international coverage, we decided to go against the tide and pick the most fascinating non-soccer related sports in the world. Here’s our list!...   leggi tutto

Almost one million people have already visited Shanghai Disneyland – quite an impressive number considering that the park isn’t even technically open yet. Since the Shanghai Disney metro station opened its doors on April 26th, thousands of tourists have rushed to it just to stand outside the gates of the unopened park and buy souvenirs....   leggi tutto

More than seventy years after the end of World War II people and nations are still remembering the day the conflict ended. It is indeed an important moment of reflection for each citizen, who on the anniversary of his country’s liberation can appreciate the liberty he has more than during the rest of the year. On this day, which varies according to the country – it is April 25 in Italy, August 25 in France, May 5 in the Netherlands, for example – public demonstrations and parades are organized in several cities to pay homage to the victims of the war, to celebrate the resolution of the conflict, with the hope that something that terrible wouldn’t happen again....   leggi tutto

In the last 37 years, two topics were bound to come up in any discussion about China: its huge population and the consequent one-child policy created to limit it. Not anymore. At the end of October 2015, the official Chinese news agency Xinhua announced that from that moment all Chinese couples would be allowed to have two children, putting an end to the controversial one-child policy that in the past has led to forced abortions and infanticides across the country....   leggi tutto

The term “eco-city” seems like the combination of two words that couldn’t be more unrelated to each other. Cities as we know them are far from being ecological: grey sky, polluted water and rare green spaces definitely do not match “ecological” definition on the dictionary. Add to the equation the word “Chinese” too and you get what sounds like a plain and simple oxymoron. The air in nearly all of China’s cities is harmful to breathe, half the drinking water is below international standards, and 20 to 40 percent of the arable soil is contaminated with toxins. However, Chinese eco-cities are a thing – at least on paper....   leggi tutto

Do you know AEGEE? Probably, those of you who have been Erasmus students know it pretty well, as in the 1980s AEGEE promoted the placement of the Erasmus project – so THANK YOU GUYS! Since then, AEGEE, whose name is related to the Aegean Sea, the birthplace of democracy – how cool is that?! – has been promoting European events creating a huge network of young people all over Europe and beyond....   leggi tutto

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