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The multicultural character of European cities like Paris and London used to be a given. “Multicultural – insert name of any European capital” would be a fitting title for any travel magazine article concentrating on one of these cities, as well as for a cover story on a fashion magazine where models wear African inspired outfits against a urban background. In the aftermath of the 13th of November 2015 and of the terroristic attacks that hit other European capitals more recently, multiculturalism has started to be considered as more of a complex issue and less of an indicator of a significant concentration of ethnic restaurants in some neighbourhoods of a city. Public opinion is now paying more and more attention to the migrant communities that live in European cities, many members of which are European citizens....   leggi tutto

We are quietly seated around a table and Ahmed decides to tell us his story in detail. He comes from the South of Somalia and his city of origin is a few kilometres away from the borders of Ethiopia and Kenya. His family – father and mother, two sisters and a little brother – are still there, waiting for Ahmed to reach his destination. He is the eldest son, and is sixteen years old. He talks raising his head and large eyes and articulating his sentences in a sharp English. He wears his red hat, the one he reserves for special occasions, the one he wouldn’t wear when sleeping on the station floor, waiting to cross the border....   leggi tutto

This Sunday will mark one year from the terrorist attacks that killed 130 people and injured more than 350 in Paris in November 2015. Since then further attacks targeted Brussels, Nice and other localities in and outside Europe, forcing us to confront ourselves with the idea that violence can break into our everyday lives without warning. With the Bataclan, the music venue that was one of its main targets, reopening this Saturday with a Sting concert, Paris is getting ready to face the difficult anniversary of the onslaught. Here, three of its inhabitants tell us what living in the City of Light feels like a year on....   leggi tutto

C’è una piccola città all’interno di Parigi. Posta su una collinetta nel XX arrondissement, nella parte est della metropoli, è cinta da antiche mura, con numerose porte che affacciano sui diversi boulevard che la circondano; è immersa nel verde, la folta vegetazione e gli alti alberi sempreverdi invadono lo spazio. E’ ricca di monumenti storici e di pregio artistico. Dall’ingresso principale delle mura, percorrendo Avenue Principale, si arriva alla piccola chapelle, mentre proseguendo per Avenue Casimir-Perier si giunge fino a una delle piazze centrali, detta le rond point, da cui si dipanano un’infinità di vie e viuzze che portano ad esplorare questo caratteristico paesino. Nonostante l’altissima densità demografica, si può dire che la popolazione è tranquilla: vi abitano un’infinità di personaggi illustri e famosi, in numero molto maggiore in confronto a Hollywood o Beverly Hills in California. L’unico dettaglio è che tutti gli abitanti sono in realtà defunti....   leggi tutto

Do you know AEGEE? Probably, those of you who have been Erasmus students know it pretty well, as in the 1980s AEGEE promoted the placement of the Erasmus project – so THANK YOU GUYS! Since then, AEGEE, whose name is related to the Aegean Sea, the birthplace of democracy – how cool is that?! – has been promoting European events creating a huge network of young people all over Europe and beyond....   leggi tutto

Name and Surname: Sabine Schuster

Age: 22

Country: Germany

Nationality: German

City: Passau

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  1. Which is the form of government ruling in your country?

(Parliamentary) democracy...   leggi tutto

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