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GoCambio Zaragoza edition

Sinead is 26, she’s a dancer and an English mothertongue… She thought that she could take advantage of being a native English speaker to enjoy a great holiday in Zaragoza, Spain. All she had to do was consulting GoCambio website, finding a host living in Spain and willing to learn English and booking a flight! Pretty easy, isn’t it?

Hello Sinead, what do you think about GoCambio?

I loved GoCambio as it was such an unforgettable experience. It was a holiday with a difference and so easy to arrange through the online forum and social media contact with my hosts.

Can you describe the passages one has to do before setting off? Would you describe it as easy?

Yes it was easy as flights are straight forward to book these days and facebook helped with the contact for arrangements. Check the weather for packing your suitcase, keep an open mind and a positive mind set and you are good to go!

So, you were a Guest, which means that you were hosted for free and in exchange you had to help your host with learning and improving a language, your language. What did you do, precisely? Can you describe your day while on “cambio”?

Everyone’s will differ but my day was very relaxed and full of tapas, wine and fun! I got on so good with my hosts and so we would go sightseeing, eat out and meet friends.

Did you like your host?

I loved my host and I have made friends for life!

Would you say that you had time enough to enjoy the city and your trip? Is the “cambio” way demanding in any way or not?

I had loads of time as my hosts were so relaxed and not demanding of my time. I didn’t give formal sit down English lessons as we just hung out and we spoke that way.

Is there a moment that you especially enjoyed and would like to share with us?

My hosts knew I was a burlesque dancer and so we all went to an amazing burlesque show El Plata Cabaret. It was such a good night!

Anything nice or particular that happened with your host?

The whole trip was amazing and friendships were made.

Did this experience with GoCambio influence your idea of Europe and being European in any way? Was it significant in terms of belonging to a larger community?

I have always travelled and felt at home everywhere I go so without sounding cheesy I never specifically only thought of Europe as I feel almost everywhere is a community you can enjoy and experience.

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