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A Turkish in Romania

Name and Surname: Reha YILMAZLAR

Age: 24

Country: Turkey

Nationality: Turkish

City: Ankara (The capital)



  1. Which is the form of government ruling in your country?

The government of Turkey takes place in the framework of a secular parliamentary representative democratic republic, whereby the Prime Minister of Turkey is the head of government, and of a multi-party system. The President of Turkey is the head of state who holds a largely ceremonial role but with substantial reserve power.

Turkey’s political system is based on the separation of powers. Executive power is exercised by the Council of Ministers. Legislative power is vested in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. The judiciary is independent. Changes to the Constitution are not expected.

parcoSeğmenler Parkı is a good choice for me. We usually take our guitars and beers, go there and play, get drunk and chill.

  1. Do you believe corruption exists in your country? How much do you think it influences political life and your private life?

Yes, several months ago it was all on news. There were voice records all over the internet where the prime minister and his son were talking on the phone about a huge amount of money that has been stolen. It is claimed that they were keeping the money in shoeboxes and everyone was making fun of it… It remained on the agenda for quite a while.

Also, last year we had a local election. But during the voting session in some regions electricity was cut off. Most of the people think that it happened because they wanted to rig the election results. However, the funny thing was that our minister of energy showed up on television and said there were some cats near the power centers and they caused all that trouble. We made fun of it on social media for days.

barThis is one of my favourite places to get a drink, or two, or five in my case! The pub is called “Roxanne Pub” as the song from the band “The Police”.

  1. Which is your national language? Do dialects exist in your country? If they do, are they used/known by young people?

Yep. There are certain dialects in some parts of Turkey. So you can identify when someone talks if they are from the Eastern, the Western or the Southern part of Turkey and sometimes you can even guess which city they are from.

  1. Who do you believe to be the cultural icon of your country?

Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK. He is the founder of Turkey. We owe him so much that every Turkish citizen is raised by his heroic stories, quotes and principles. You can see his statues everywhere in Turkey.



  1. Do you consider yourself European?

Hmm that’s a tricky question. You know Istanbul is a bridge between Asia and Europe. So a little part of Turkey is actually in Europe. That’s why we are both European and Asian at the same time.


  1. Are you able to name a person that you consider symbolic for European culture?
    As a European I can’t name a person but when I think of Europe I somehow think of Art. And as a non-European person of course I do perceive its existence.

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Francesca Gabbiadini

Nata in valle bergamasca nell’inverno del 1989, sin da piccola mi piace frugare nei cassetti. Laureata presso la Facoltà di Lettere della Statale di Milano, capisco dopo numerosi tentavi professionali, tra i quali spicca per importanza l’esperienza all’Ufficio Stampa della Longanesi, come la mia curiosità si traduca in scrittura giornalistica, strada che mi consente di comprendere il mondo, sviscerarlo attraverso indagini e ricomporlo tramite articolo all’insegna di un giornalismo pulito, libero e dedito alla verità come ai suoi lettori. Così nasce l’indipendente Pequod, il 21 maggio del 2013, e da allora non ho altra vita sociale. Nella rivista, oltre ad essere fondatrice e direttrice, mi occupo di inchieste, reportage di viaggio e fotoreportage, contribuendo inoltre alla sezione Internazionale. Dopo una tesi in giornalismo sulla Romania di Ceauşescu, continuo a non poter distogliere lo sguardo da questo Paese e dal suo ignorato popolo latino.

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