CILD Names Wajahat Abbas Kazmi Activist of the Year
As promotor of the “Allah Loves Equality” campaign, Italian-Pakistani film director Wajahat Abbas Kazmi traveled to Pakistan in November, along Leggi di più
China: heavy polluter or climate change activist?
China, the biggest emitter of carbon dioxide in the world, is often regarded as a heavy polluter with unbreathable air, Leggi di più
How you doin’, Manchester?
Talking about terrorist attacks is not easy at the present moment, when everybody wants to respect the grief of the Leggi di più
Being a Parisian in 2017
The multicultural character of European cities like Paris and London used to be a given. “Multicultural – insert name of Leggi di più
Being international has never been so easy: travel around Europe with Generator Hostels!
What’s the best way for young people to travel, meet new people, and get to know different cultures in an affordable way? The Leggi di più
10 everyday objects that can’t be missing from homes around the world
Ever wondered what daily life looks like in other countries? From cooking equipment to fortune charms, we have drawn a Leggi di più
Bergamo, what a babe! Discover beauty in Italy’s province
One of the reasons low-cost airline companies allow you to reach European capitals for just a handful of euros (or Leggi di più
Welcoming spring in Eastern Europe
Last month I visited Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital. It was the end of February and the weather was still cold but sunny, and Leggi di più
Birth Companions: making pregnant women’s and new mothers’ voices heard
Birth Companions (BC) is a London-based organisation set up in 1996 to support women prisoners during pregnancy and birth. Since Leggi di più

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