Ricordi di case d’Europa

La prima volta che mi è capitato di essere ospitata in una casa straniera avevo diciassette anni. La mia classe al liceo partecipava ad uno scambio culturale con una scuola superiore di Bayonne, città a sud-ovest della Francia, al confine coi Paesi Baschi. La mia gentilissima ospite si chiamava Stephanie...

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Extreme cities

Easy is not always fun. Sometimes warm weather, nice nature and readily available facilities can feel too ordinary to give us the thrill we need to feel alive. That’s probably why extreme and wild places have recently acquired a whole new charm in the eyes of travellers. We’re not talking gap years...

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The day Boris Nemcov died

February 27th 2015. It’s Friday at the restaurant in St. Petersburg where Georgij, 23, works as a PR specialist. That weekend he was even busier than usually, as the place was hosting an art exhibition and there were guests all around the place. But Gosha, that’s how most people call him,...

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Olga, from Siberia to Italy

Today Pequod talked with Olga, a graceful young student from Russia, who lives and studies Communication Science in Bergamo. Olga, tell us something about you. Where do you live now? Which is your current occupation?  My name is Olga Vasilyeva, I’m 23 years old. I’m Russian, from Russian Federation...

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