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Pequod meets AEGEE: England VS Italy

This week with AEGEE we flew to Great Britain. Here’s our interview with Conrad, who’s in Italy for his second semester but has already a clear idea of Italy and Erasmus.


1. What’s your name? How old are you? Where do you study? What do you study?

My name is Conrad Guiney and I am 19 years old. I study German, Italian and Business at Sheffield Hallam University.

2. Describe your country in three words (or phrases, or ideas, or places, or people…).

England is rainy, wild and friendly.

3. Why did you choose Italy? Use one word to describe what Italy represents for you.

I chose Italy because I studied Italian at my university because I like Italian films. Italy is the country of pasta.

This is Conrad, trying to be as English as possible.


4. First three things that come up to your mind when you think about Europe. Do you consider yourself European?

When I think of Europe I think of good weather, great food and the EU. I do feel European but maybe not as much as I should.

5. Say something about Erasmus.

Erasmus is a great opportunity for a person to move and live abroad and learn a completely new culture and way of life. You get the chance to become friends with many people from all around Europe. If you have the opportunity to do an Erasmus study, you have to take it. The Erasmus grant is also a very beneficial thing to have.

Here’s something that represents England, according to Conrad.


6. England, Italy, Europe: similarities and differences.

I think that England is quite different to the rest of Europe. Similarities between England and Italy: the people are both friendly and chatty and kebabs are popular. Differences: eating times, drinking culture, punctuality, Italians smoke a lot more and the weather here is better.

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Margherita Ravelli

Nata nel 1989 ad ovest della cortina di ferro, dalla mia cameretta della provincia di Bergamo ho sempre guardato con curiosità verso est, terra dei gloriosi popoli slavi. Dopo aver vagabondato fra Russia, Ucraina e Polonia ho conseguito la laurea magistrale in lingua e letteratura russa, con una tesi sul multilinguismo e sulla multiculturalità nella repubblica russa del Tatarstan. Sono responsabile della sezione Internazionale di Pequod, oltre che redattrice occasionale per attualità, cultura e viaggi.

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