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Ghana VS Italy

Today on Pequod another interview with a foreign person living in Italy. This time we had a chat with Christine, a student who is not even from Europe. She comes from Ghana but she has been living for a long time in the nice Reggio Emilia.

Your name, age, nationality, where are you from? Where do you live now? Which is your current occupation? 

My name is Christine and I’m 23. I’m a university student. I come from Ghana but now I live in Reggio Emilia.

Why did you decide to leave your country?

Actually I was not the one who decided to leave my country but my parents did.

Why did you choose Italy? 

I don’t know the reason why my parents chose Italy but I think that it was because they loved the country and its food!

Describe your life in Italy (your occupation, your everyday life, social life, etc.). Tell us something about the city you live in (top 5 places to be, where to go, what to do – be our tourist information center!)

Reggio Emilia is a really nice city. Interesting fact: it’s the place where the Italian flag was founded. Generally speaking, it’s a very pleasant place to live in – for example, it has the best kindergarten organization in all Europe.

Reggio Emilia

How is living in Italy different than living in your country? 

I can’t tell much because I came here when I was very young, so I can’t remember much about my country.

Which is the biggest challenge of moving to a new country? Have you had any regrets so far? What do you miss the most?

The biggest challenge has probably been getting to know people, integrating in a new society by learning a new language and a different culture. I don’t have any regrets because I am well integrated and I love learning new things everyday. What I miss about my country is my family and the food.

Italy, your country and Europe. Use three words to describe each of the previous.

Ghana is full of colours, joy and happiness, despite the difficulties

Italy has nice people, wonderful food and beautiful historical monuments

Europe is full of opportunities, wealth and success

Cape Coast Harbour, Ghana
Cape Coast Harbour, Ghana

What would you say to someone to convince him to move abroad? What’s the best thing you’ve got/you’ve learnt by your experience abroad?

I would never convince someone to move abroad, because it’s a very personal decision, I’d say too personal to try to influence it whatsoever. My experience abroad has taught me how to overcome my culture and open up to new things.

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Laura Pegorini

Classe ’92, sono nata e vivo a Cremona, ma mi sono laureata a Parma e mi sto specializzando a Milano in Lettere Moderne. Insegnante per arginare il precariato, apprendista scrittrice, studentessa appassionata, bibliomane e bibliofila, chi mi conosce mi definisce piccola e bipolare, tra una dolce timidezza e un’ironica cattiveria. Sogno di rendere la lettura e la scrittura, mie grandi passioni, un lavoro, perché da sempre mi hanno permesso di viaggiare ovunque nel tempo e nello spazio.

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