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Avocado or overcado?

The eat clean trend and Instagram have been helping food to become a matter of fashion. The proliferation of inspired pictures of colourful and healthy-looking breakfasts and all-veggie lunches teaches us what’s cool to eat nowadays. Here’s a selection of the most overrated food that you should have on your Pinterest board – and on your table, of course!

Avocado toast


It’s not a mistery that avocado got excessively popular in the last years. It started to be appreciated as the green component of Mexican guacamole and went to be used as a perfect match with salmon in sandwiches or salads. But what nobody actually expected was its success in the breakfast menu: together with a slice of bread – better if multigrain with loads of fancy seeds – it makes the legendary avocado toast, craved by fashion bloggers and Instagram gurus all around the Internet.

All Granola Everything


Muesli is not a cool word anymore. Welcome to granola then, which is nothing but a bunch of cereals, seeds, dried fruit and nuts served together with yogurt or compressed in super nutrient bars. Apart from being actually healthy, granola helps you mantaining your eat clean stance by adding a lot of trendy ingredients, from chia seeds to almond milk and Greek yogurt. Also, it perfectly matches with raw wooden tables and plain white bowls for perfect Instagram shots.



Who said that eating clean can’t be a bit sweet? Derived from the same plant used to make tequila, which is already a plus itself, agave syrup (or nectar) has a surprisingly rich flavor that is slightly sweeter than honey. What healthy eaters mostly appreciate about it is that is has low glycemic index (GI) value. What about its look? Tiny glass bottles and jars are a granted success for any inspirational board on Pinterest.

Brussels sprouts

Kohl Green Brussels Sprouts Vegetables

Super healthy, tasty and vegan. No wonder why the hipster world is crazy about them. In addition, the deep green colour is great in pictures, and the fact that the cabbage smell can’t be smelled through the smartphone screen is definitely a plus.

Luxury water


Drinking clean is fundamental. Considering that going directly to the water spring to get the purest water is not convenient, clean eaters are quite choosy when it comes to pick the bottle of water they are going to drink – and show around – during their busy creative days. One of the most appreciated brands is Fiji, which indeed has a wonderful packaging. Not to mention Volvic, Evian or San Pellegrino, which are cool water classics. But one of the most extravagant (and expensive) is BLK, a bottle of black water. Would you drink it?


Cover Photo by stevepb (CC0 Pixnio)

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