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Arlynn, collecting memories around the world.

Arlynn is a Latin American Young girl, born in the United States and currently travelling and working around Europe. We had the opportunity to catch her in Italy a few days before her leaving for her new destination, Wales!

Hi Arlynn! Tell us something about yourself.

Arlynn; 19; Latin American; I am from everywhere I’ve ever been; Right now, I live with a friend and his family; My current occupation is living.

Why did you decide to leave your country? 

There’s a whole world out there!!!

Why did you choose Italy? 

Truthfully…….. I chose Italy because I enjoy wine, olive oil, bread, and cheese.

Describe your life in Italy. Tell us something about the city you live in.

My time spent in Italy was with a work exchange program. I worked on farms and in exchange for my labor, I was provided with meals and a roof over my head. I performed different tasks on these farms such as weeding, digging and, for the most part, different types of work in the garden. Aside from the labor, there was an enjoyable amount of socializing with the inhabitants of the area from sharing dinners together to simply being in each other’s company.

The city in which I live has, what I like to consider, an “outside mall” that stretches on for about 15km straight. On the opposite side of town, there is the beautiful view of the New York City Skyline. If you decide to go a further distance from this down to the riverside, there is a walkway that goes out a few meters over the Hudson River (which separates my town from NYC) for an even closer look.

Italy for Arlynn is nature.
Italy for Arlynn is nature.

How is living in Italy different than living in your country? 

Although I haven’t seen much of my country, I can truthfully say that all the parts that I have seen have not left such an impression on me as Italy has. In Italy it seems that there are many more people that ride bicycles, both in number and in variety of ages. In the USA, mopeds seem like such a rarity where you are likely to see one a day, extremely different from the amount you would see during 24 hours in Italy. Wine is much more common in Italy and for way better bargains! The olive oil in Italy, also, has a wonderful taste I have yet to encounter in the States.

Which is the biggest challenge of moving to a new country? Have you had any regrets so far? What do you miss the most?

I’d say the biggest challenge of encountering a new country is having the ability to communicate with the habitants. So far, I have no regrets! I miss my bicycle, my animal friends, and connections I share with some loved ones the most.

What does Europe mean for you? Do you perceive the existence of Europe as a community?

To me, Europe means unity. It can easily be perceived as a community.

Italy, your country and Europe. Use three words to describe each of the previous. 

Experience; diverse; unified

This is the USA for Arlynn.
This is the USA for Arlynn.

What would you say to someone to convince him to move abroad? What’s the best thing you’ve got/you’ve learnt by your experience abroad?

Hey you! You ask me why you should move abroad? To that I say, WHY NOT! Try new things! In doing so, you might also learn something new about yourself. And if not, well! You’ve gained some new stories to tell.

The best thing I’ve gotten from my experience abroad is… memories.

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Margherita Ravelli

Nata nel 1989 ad ovest della cortina di ferro, dalla mia cameretta della provincia di Bergamo ho sempre guardato con curiosità verso est, terra dei gloriosi popoli slavi. Dopo aver vagabondato fra Russia, Ucraina e Polonia ho conseguito la laurea magistrale in lingua e letteratura russa, con una tesi sul multilinguismo e sulla multiculturalità nella repubblica russa del Tatarstan. Sono responsabile della sezione Internazionale di Pequod, oltre che redattrice occasionale per attualità, cultura e viaggi.

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