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Name and Surname: Olivier de La Brosse

Age: 27

Country: France

Nationality: French

City: Aix-en-Provence




  1. Which is the form of government ruling in your Country?

My country is a republic where the president has a lot of power because he’s elected directly by the citizens (Presidential Republic).


  1. Do you believe corruption exists in your country? How much do you think it influences political life and your private life?

Corruption is quite widespread within French political élite, such as among entrepreneurs. This is why French people don’t really believe in politics. It’s hard for us to trust their words because we know that they are capable to lie. Nevertheless, when we look at other countries we consider France not to be a very corrupted country thanks to the effective control upon our political system.


  1. Do you consider yourself European? [For non-European people: could you explain why you chose Europe?]

I consider myself European because I’m French but I’m also partly Hungarian and Italian. I speak three European languages apart from French and I’m well aware of the fact that the culture of my country is deeply related to European culture and influence. I also have friends and family all over Europe.





  1. Which is your national language? Do dialects exist in your country? If they do, are they used/known by young people?

My national language is French. There are dialects in my country, students at school study Basque and Breton. I think that Occitan isn’t used anymore and only linguists considers it nowadays.


  1. Who do you believe to be the cultural icon of your country?

There are many cultural icons in France. I strongly believe that Georges Brassens is the most appreciated cultural personality by every generation.


  1. Are you able to name a person that you consider symbolic for European culture? [For non-European people: do you perceive the existence of a “European culture”?]


Aix-en-Provence, EU, Francia, Georges Brassens, Goethe, Unione Europea

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