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A Finnish in Southern France

Name and Surname: Liisi Filppa

Age: 25

Country: Finland

Nationality: Finnish

City: Tuusula



  1. Which is the form of government ruling in your country?

Finland is a republic with a presidential system of government.

  1. Do you believe corruption exists in your country? How much do you think it influences political life and your private life?

I think corruption exists in various fields in Finland, but it does not affect the everyday life. In Finland you cannot for exemple bribe public workers. Doctors may prescribe and use the medications that medical companies have promoted. And among politicians there exists some form of corruption, but it’s not the main issue and they are rare and usually such cases end up in the papers.

  1. Do you consider yourself European?

I don’t consider myself European. I think Europeans are for example the French, the Belgians, the Italians, etc.


Liisi Filppa


  1. Which is your national language? Do dialects exist in your country? If they do, are they used/known by young people?

My mother tongue is Finnish, but in Finland there are two official languages, Finnish and Swedish. There are dialects in different regions. I think everyone in Finland speaks a dialect, but some say that near the capital there is a more standardized way of speaking.

  1. Who do you believe to be the cultural icon of your country?

I think our former president Tarja Halonen could be one icon. And I was thinking of the poet Eino Leino, but he is more of a romantic poet. The poet and author Uuno Kailas has a more pessimistic and realistic way of writing, so he might represent better the Finnish mentality. Also the composer Jean Sibelius is one icon.


  1. Are you able to name a person that you consider symbolic for European culture?

I’m not able to name one, I think there are many possibilities. Alexandre Dumas, Érasme, Hans Christian Andersen, Mozart, etc.


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