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Young, motivated , and willing to change the world : these are the main aspects of five Tilburg University students who have decided to start a new project in South Africa, in the local municipality of Emfuleni more precisely in the area of Sebokeng and Vanderbijlpark. The non-profit organization they created is called Lend a Hand (facebook page) and the project which has taken place this  summer is called  project Simba.simbaLet’s meet the members of such a great NGO!ImmagineName: Walter M. Pasquarelli
Education: BA Liberal Arts & Sciences: Law Major, Tilburg University/ Instituto Técnologico de Monterrey
Future projects : Expand Lend A Hand and make it a permanent institution by providing project on annual basis and empowering new members to join the mission
Name : Livia Kaiser.
Education : BSc International Business Administration.
Future projects : Keep on working for Lend a hand NGO.cName : Maximilian de Vreeze.
Education: BA Liberal arts and Sciences, Major: Law in Europe exchange: Sciences Po Paris
Future projects: Expand “Lend a Hand” and further develop it into a sustainable and international NGO.
cName: Berry Sonnenschein
Education: Tilburg University – Bachelor in Liberal Arts & Sciences. Majoring in International & European Law.
Future projects:
African proverb – “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If     you want to go far, go together.”At this present moment, I have not given much thought on future products I would like to conduct in the same manner as I have dedicated much of my attention to Lend A Hand. Any project which I could possibly be a member of in the future will be joined in respect of the African proverb.cName: Doreen Verbakel
Education: BA Liberal Arts & Sciences: Humanities Major
Future projects: Contributing to the development of Lend A Hand to make a difference for adolescents in South Africa.  In addition to this I would like to invite other people to get involved in this initiative to put in their own personal contribution....   leggi tutto

Today we have interviewed Rodrigo, a young Mexican guy who decided to move to Europe after his bachelor in Mexico. Rodrigo is really open minded and easy-going, he loves to travel as much as he can and get in touch with new people, especially with European students. According to his first impressions about living in the Netherlands, we might say «so far so good»....   leggi tutto

Today we have met Michael Spikmans, a Dutch student from Eindhoven who is doing his MSc at the Tilburg University.During his previous studies he mainly focused on ICT, what makes Michael a different student in the domain of Information Technology is the strong awareness about the pivotal role of human aspects. His main goal is to bridge the gap between  technology illiterates and digital tools which enable people to be more competitive in the job market....   leggi tutto

Hello EVA! Could you introduce yourself to Pequod’s readers?

Buenos días! My name is Eva I am a 24 years old girl who does not know how ended up in Tilburg. Sometimes when I’m walking along the streets it seems surreal living here.  I am totally into sports, I used to practice karate and now that I have moved to Tilburg I go to the University gym very often. I am always looking for justice and a new way to broaden my horizons which is the main reason why I am keen to become a good journalist....   leggi tutto

Hello Peta! Could you introduce yourself to Pequod’s readers?

Hey my name is Peta, I am 23 years old Australian-Swiss-Belgian student in Communication and Information Sciences and I am currently studying in Tilburg, the Netherlands. I love moving around, discovering new people and places (and food!!) and I would describe myself as being a free spirit, as cheesy as that may sound....   leggi tutto

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